For me, photography is about connection—to a person, to a place, or to a significant object. 

When I’m photographing an individual, a wedding, or a band touring through my adopted 

hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I seek meaningful connections that inspire and inform 

my photographs.


My portraiture draws heavily on this idea of connection. It’s not enough for me to simply take a 

photograph: I want to truly get to know my subjects, learn about their passions and 

personalities, and find ways to incorporate what they love into the portrait, whether that 

means a seated portrait reflecting a quiet moment, or an editorial shoot that finds us exploring 

a location or activity that holds some significance for my subject.


It’s hard to overstate the importance of connection when it comes to wedding photography. 

My approach when talking to couples before their big day is very similar to my preliminary 

meetings with my portrait subjects—I like to learn a couple’s history, their plans for the future, 

and what do they like to do together. By connecting with clients, I can capture unexpected 

moments, showcase what makes a couple unique, and find exciting ways to highlight a couple’s 

love and joy.


This same sense of intimacy also informs my photographs of bands. Often I’m right there in the 

front row, taking candid photographs of the show and capturing shared emotional moments 

between the band and the audience. Even when I photograph bands offstage, I strive to 

capture the energy and excitement of a live show, and part of this is understanding what 

inspires and informs the music and band members. 


While portraits, weddings, and bands are a just a few of my specialties, I approach all of my 

photography projects with the goal of making meaningful connections that result in powerful, 

exciting photographs. If you’d like to get in touch with me about a project, click the “Contact” 

link above to send me a message. I look forward to working with you.